Thursday, 27 February 2014


I was on an island.  I looked at the trees.  They were rustling.  It felt like they were talking to each other.  Suddenly the wind came.  Woossshh, went the wind.  The wind was changing, fast and strong.  Then it came again.  It was pushing and whistling.  I smelt rotten fish and the sea salt.  My boat was rocking from side to side.


  1. To Liam,

    We have a Liam in our class too!
    We enjoyed reading your island writing. Was it part of your classes 100 word challenge and was everyone given a picture of an island to look at and write about? Does your teacher find these photos and make up your 100 word challenge each week or do you take part in the 100 word challenge online?
    How do you think the 100 word challenge helps you with your writing?

    From Room 9
    (Vardon School, Quadblogging buddies)

  2. Good story Liam. I like the way that you described the island.

    From Brianna, Room 8, Matarau School