Wednesday, 5 December 2012


SANDCASTLE on PhotoPeach

Henry, Jack and I built a sandcastle.  We needed wet sand, dry sand, and wet and dry mixed together.  We made it higher and then dug moat.  It took us all the start of the day, all morning tea and all of lunch.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

My Dragon and I

I have a dragon for a pet, do you?

My dragon is big and bold and has glistening golden eyes that shimmer in the moonlight. 

My dragon lives in a gloomy cave in the middle of the woods.

His scaly body is as sharp as 90 swords put together, they can scrape your skin bad. 

My dragon has a sharp spiky back for rubbing against the toppling trees, which tip towards me.

My dragon swoops throw the air with me in his deadly talons, grabbing my shivering shoulders.

My Dragon is my best friend and he’s the only one I need.

By Emma

Me and My Dragon

Zoom, I speed swiftly down to the dragon infested island.  The wind whips wildly at my whirling, brown hair. 

 The red fiery fire, spins devilishly out of the angry mouth of the dragon. 

The deadly, wild wings flap furiously as they swing through the dark forest. The long windy devil like tail swings silently through the dead swirling trees.

There are small bumpy scales on the shimmering body of the red dragon.  I laugh loudly with excitement.

When it lands, the talons of the roaring dragon, curl around the rocky edges of the crater of the volcano.  I stare down at the blood red lava swirling swiftly around the inside of the volcano and think to myself, this is cool.

By Fergus

My Dragon and I

Do you have a dragon, or have you seen one?  Well I do, and I am going to tell you all about him.

His sharp devilish talons clinch around me like a fiery ball of flames.  They make the table go screech, screech, screech.  

His shimmering wings swoop down on me.  His flickery tail smacks my cheeks like a total maniac. 

His bold, bright scales, glitter in the sparkling sunrise. 

His deadly fire breath makes immense fires in my back yard. 

Violently, his muscular bulging legs, kick people in the tummy. 

His blood red eyes makes fuming flames like it’s fiery breath.

My dragon can be scary, but really he is nice.

By Jodie-Anne

Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Baby

The baby stares with her blue googly eyes.  A red shiny paint brush in her hand and her mouth leaks paint the colour of blood.  Her gold shiny hair sways in the winding wind.  The chubby baby splashes paint on her brand new white dress.  The white wall is covered in rainbow slippery paint.  When the mum and dad pick up their adorable baby they are horrified to see all the paint on the white wall.  The baby laughs and giggles all the way home.

By Symone

The baby's eyes glitter with excitement as she sticks the paintbrush in her mouth.  Her paint splattered hands wave sluggishly around.  Her ears flap becasue the howling wind is blowing in her coloured face.  Her small baby shaped body moves slowly around the big red splosh of liquidy paint.  Her legs dance awkwardly around the painted walls of the small house.  Suddenly out of nowhere her mum and dad walk slowly into the house.  The baby screams happily.

By Jodie-Anne

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sunday, 14 October 2012

HOMEWORK Term 4 Week 1

Children in the Middle Team often forget their recorder on music days.  Come up with a strategy to fix this problem.  Post your answer here...

Monday, 16 July 2012


Big horses, small horses,
Brown horses, white horses.
Ginger horses.

Good horses, bad horses,
Horses everywhere.

By Ella


Silly boys,
Funny boys,
Naughty boys,
Good boys.

A monkey boy,
a funky boy,
Boys all around.

By Jackson


Daisies pink, daisies brown,
Daisies do not make you frown.

Daisies are beautiful,
Daisies are sweet.

I know they are nice, 
Not to eat!

By Maria


Tall shoes, small shoes,
Black shoes, white shoes,
New shoes, old shoes,
Shaggy shoes, party shoes.

So many different shoes.

By Emma


Tall dogs, small dogs,
Low dogs, high dogs,
Brown dogs, red dogs.

So many dogs.

Spotty dogs, plain dogs,
Guide dogs.

Just dogs, dogs, DOGS!

By Symone


Naughty boys, 
Silly boys,
A scallywag,
A bookworm.

Nice boys,
Cheeky boys,
A funny boy,
A monkey boy.

So many different boys.

By Riley, Russell, and Jackson

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


My brother and I were playing wrestling.  Then my brother didn't play by the rules.  I was furious.  I stomped into my room and slammed the door, and said words that I shouldn't.  When I slammed the door, the door handle came off.
I was forlorn and frustrated.  I felt like punching and kicking.  I was fed up.  I was cantankerous.  
My brother was waiting for me to come out of my room.  But I wouldn't come out of my room.  He finally went away.

By Olivia

Class Picnic

When Friday came, I yelled, "Hoorah, it's time for Room 10's picnic!"  I kicked off my blankets and opened the curtains (Not noticing the rain.)  I got dressed and opened the door and ran outside.  
DARN!!!  It was raining.  So I went to school very sad, dripping with sadness.
I was frustrated, angry and upset.  "ARRRR!  No picnic!"
In our class I saw the most amazing thing ever.  X-Box, Gameboy, board games and much, much more.  So I quickly unpacked my bag and started to play with all the games.
It was much more fun.  I had an awesome day.  I did not think it would be that much fun.

By Alex

Class Picnic

On Friday I woke up.  "Hooray!  It's Room 10 and 11's class picnic!"  I rushed out of my warm, warm bed.  I looked out of my clear windows.  "Oh!"  It was raining.  The rain was raining hard.  It was hailing hard.  It looked like there was nearly a flood.  Suddenly I realised there was not going to be a class picnic.  
I felt devastated.  I was sulking.  I hoped the rain would stop and dry quickly so we could have our class picnic.
I got myself dressed and my Dad drove me to school.  My teacher said the class would still have something fun and exceptional to do.  Suddenly I felt a bit better.
At Feed and Read time I was so, so better.  My class played lots of really cool games like the Game Boy.  We wrote stories of the time.  We played some thinking games, and last but not least we were reading.  
I felt happy, glad and surprised.  I had an EXCEPTIONAL day!  My teacher was right.

By Caleb

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Freaked Out!

Here is a story starter written by Maria.  Can you finish it???

It was the middle of the night and I was shivering in my bed.  A creaking noise was coming from in the hallway.  I froze to ice as the creaking noise got louder.  I got out of bed and switched on my torch and peered around the corner.  There was nothing there.  But...what was that on the ground?  I picked it up.  It was the necklace I had lost at the beach once when I was a baby.  But how did it get here?

How will the story end?  How did the necklace get there?  

Scared at the Beach

One day I was with my Mum and brother at the beach.  My brother fell off a mini cliff.  He said, in a worried voice, he was stuck.  I grabbed him and I got towed in.  We were trapped.  I was shaking with fear.  We tried to get out but we couldn't.  It was high tide.  We were soaking.  My Mum grabbed me but forgot my brother.  I grabbed my brothers hand and pulled him up while Mum held my waist.  I felt happy after I had rescued my brother.

By Symone

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Should Children Play Outside?

I think that all children should play outside if it's not raining.  These are the reasons...
It might get too hot if we stay inside.  You need air which makes your bodies work, and air makes oxygen which makes our bodies work.  
Next, we can eat, run and jump outside.  We can't do it inside though, and there's a playground outside but there isn't a playground inside.
Thirdly, we would be wasting a hot day.  Why?  Because we don't get that much hot days in Dunedin.  If we stay inside it's wasting a hot day, like I said before.
But take my advice.  Come on, you have to agree with me now.

By Maddie


We should use our KCM.  KCM is kindness, caring and manners.  It is good thinking.  People will feel safe.  We can care for people, it's easy.  If you use your KCM, you will get more friends.  People will feel safe so they will feel like coming to school.

By Ella

Should Children Play Outside?

I think that every child should play outside.  
Firstly, it is bigger and it has fresh air.  
Secondly, you can play more games like Shark Attack, Crocodile and Rugby, also armies.
Finally, you can get exercise and energy.
If you were inside the trees can not turn air back into air.
So come on already, agree with me!

By Alex

Should Children Play Outside

Firstly, I think children should play outside if it is sunny because if we did not, we would get no fresh air.  Also, we have a playground and we would not need it.
Secondly, we have friends from other classes don't we?  We can play in the playground with our friends too.
Finally, you stay fit.
What do you think?

By Symone

Should Children Play Outside?

I think that children should play outside when it is not raining because it is much bigger than inside and it has a massive playground and no playground inside.  You can run around and get exercise and get fit.  You can play cool games like rugby and shark attack.  Outside has oxygen.

By Jack M

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


A couple of days ago we read a story called the Bantam and the Soldier by Jennifer Beck and Robyn Belton.  It was about Anzac day.  Anzac day is a day that we remember who went to the wars.  Some of our family went to the war and they came back but some people passed away.  At our school some people bought some poppies to celebrate it.  Room 10 and 11 made our own poppies.  When the soldiers were leaving from war the poppies were blooming.

By Abbey and Olivia

Thursday, 15 March 2012


CRASH!  "What was that?"  I said.  I looked out the window and my eyes turned small.  "Ahhhhhh!" I screamed.  Dinosaurs were everywhere, eating people.  A velociraptor tried to break the window but it was no use.  My dad got his guns from the shed.  He gave me one and then he gave me my pocket knife.  Then my eyes turned smaller.  A triceratops charged at the house.  My sister screamed and so did Mum.  A minute later the U.S.A. arrived at New Zealand.  Lucky for me they arrived at Kircaldie Street.  Then some guy told me and Dad to join the war car.  The guy told told me to go and use the machine gun on it. I was relieved that he asked me because I have never used a machine gun before.  Off we went.  BANG! BANG!  That was the sound of the machine gun.  People had rocket launchers and air rifles and shot guns.  Then my skylanders arrived.   They were awesome.  The dinosaurs all died and we had a big celebration.

By Judd

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


My sunflower is 2 years and 2 months old.  It is taller than the fence.  You can also eat the seeds.  They taste like a pea and sometimes a nut.  I got this at Rainbow Preschool so it is probably 4 years and 1 month old.

By Riley

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


When I go outside I see...
a gust of wind,
a shimmer on the falling leaves.
Trees are flying and dancing in the wind.
My hair is swishing in the breeze.
It's soft and gentle like it should be.
it looked alive in the leaf tornado.
It looked cloudy and it was breezy.
It looked magical.
The trees looked like they were prancing and dancing.
Now that is a real autumn day!

By Jodie-Anne


Today the sky is grey.  It is freezing outside.  I shake when I go outside, I hate it outside.
Outside leaves are getting swooped into the sky.  When it's really windy there are leaf tornados.  The leaves are prancing and dancing.  It's all so gusty out there.

By Judd


It was very cold outside.  
I was shivering.  
There were leaf tornados.  
The leaves were flying.  
The trees are dancing and jiggling.

By Finn