Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Most Amazing Sight

When I went to the dolphin show in Australia, I went to it three times because it was so amazing.  I am going to tell you about this amazing show.  

There was a person riding a dolphin, and a dolphin was swimming towards them and twirling its body around and around.  Three dolphins were jumping at the exact same time and doing two flips and landing in the water.

That is the end of the really amazing thing that I saw.

By Mei

Orana Park

Last year, I went to Orana Park with my family.  I watched a lion show.  People were in the cage feeding lions.  The people held food out.  There were four lions.  They were yellow and orange.  It didn't have a big, bushy mane.  It had big whiskers.  It was huge and made a loud noise.

By Max

The Hedgehog

This morning when I had gotten dressed, my dog Max started barking.  Then, suddenly, I ran outside.  And guess what I saw!  I saw Max barking at a little baby hedgehog.  I think the baby hedgehog was scared.

By Holly

Room 10

Dear People Around the World

I hope you get onto our blog.  My name is Isabella.  Our blog is really special to us and we hope you see it.  We are Room 10.  We have been working really hard for you.

By Isabella

The Hedgehog

Last year, Mum, Jordan and I were driving home from the beach, but on the way home we saw a baby hedgehog.  It was very scared and it was breathing fast.  I thought that we needed to put it in a bush.  But then a big truck came and I thought it was going to be hard to get it in my jacket.  I needed to stop the truck somehow.  I got out and the person who was driving the truck saw me and stopped.  I was scared that it was going to run me over.  After I got the hedgehog in my jacket, I got in the car and we went and found a nice bush for the cute little hedgehog.

By Grace

My School

At St. Clair school it is awesome.  I am in Room 10.  Room 10 is special because it doesn't have bag hooks, it has got a big gate.  Room 10 has got little desks.  I like to work on them.  We get to choose where we work.  We have got such awesome toys.

By Harris

The Most Amazing Thing Ever!

One year ago, I saw the most amazing thing in the world.  It was a tarantula.  I saw it on the road.  Me and Mum ran it over in the car.  The tarantula was flattened by the car.  I forgot to tell you was in Australia.  

By William