Tuesday, 19 June 2012


My brother and I were playing wrestling.  Then my brother didn't play by the rules.  I was furious.  I stomped into my room and slammed the door, and said words that I shouldn't.  When I slammed the door, the door handle came off.
I was forlorn and frustrated.  I felt like punching and kicking.  I was fed up.  I was cantankerous.  
My brother was waiting for me to come out of my room.  But I wouldn't come out of my room.  He finally went away.

By Olivia

Class Picnic

When Friday came, I yelled, "Hoorah, it's time for Room 10's picnic!"  I kicked off my blankets and opened the curtains (Not noticing the rain.)  I got dressed and opened the door and ran outside.  
DARN!!!  It was raining.  So I went to school very sad, dripping with sadness.
I was frustrated, angry and upset.  "ARRRR!  No picnic!"
In our class I saw the most amazing thing ever.  X-Box, Gameboy, board games and much, much more.  So I quickly unpacked my bag and started to play with all the games.
It was much more fun.  I had an awesome day.  I did not think it would be that much fun.

By Alex

Class Picnic

On Friday I woke up.  "Hooray!  It's Room 10 and 11's class picnic!"  I rushed out of my warm, warm bed.  I looked out of my clear windows.  "Oh!"  It was raining.  The rain was raining hard.  It was hailing hard.  It looked like there was nearly a flood.  Suddenly I realised there was not going to be a class picnic.  
I felt devastated.  I was sulking.  I hoped the rain would stop and dry quickly so we could have our class picnic.
I got myself dressed and my Dad drove me to school.  My teacher said the class would still have something fun and exceptional to do.  Suddenly I felt a bit better.
At Feed and Read time I was so, so better.  My class played lots of really cool games like the Game Boy.  We wrote stories of the time.  We played some thinking games, and last but not least we were reading.  
I felt happy, glad and surprised.  I had an EXCEPTIONAL day!  My teacher was right.

By Caleb

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Freaked Out!

Here is a story starter written by Maria.  Can you finish it???

It was the middle of the night and I was shivering in my bed.  A creaking noise was coming from in the hallway.  I froze to ice as the creaking noise got louder.  I got out of bed and switched on my torch and peered around the corner.  There was nothing there.  But...what was that on the ground?  I picked it up.  It was the necklace I had lost at the beach once when I was a baby.  But how did it get here?

How will the story end?  How did the necklace get there?  

Scared at the Beach

One day I was with my Mum and brother at the beach.  My brother fell off a mini cliff.  He said, in a worried voice, he was stuck.  I grabbed him and I got towed in.  We were trapped.  I was shaking with fear.  We tried to get out but we couldn't.  It was high tide.  We were soaking.  My Mum grabbed me but forgot my brother.  I grabbed my brothers hand and pulled him up while Mum held my waist.  I felt happy after I had rescued my brother.

By Symone