Thursday, 15 November 2012

My Dragon and I

I have a dragon for a pet, do you?

My dragon is big and bold and has glistening golden eyes that shimmer in the moonlight. 

My dragon lives in a gloomy cave in the middle of the woods.

His scaly body is as sharp as 90 swords put together, they can scrape your skin bad. 

My dragon has a sharp spiky back for rubbing against the toppling trees, which tip towards me.

My dragon swoops throw the air with me in his deadly talons, grabbing my shivering shoulders.

My Dragon is my best friend and he’s the only one I need.

By Emma

Me and My Dragon

Zoom, I speed swiftly down to the dragon infested island.  The wind whips wildly at my whirling, brown hair. 

 The red fiery fire, spins devilishly out of the angry mouth of the dragon. 

The deadly, wild wings flap furiously as they swing through the dark forest. The long windy devil like tail swings silently through the dead swirling trees.

There are small bumpy scales on the shimmering body of the red dragon.  I laugh loudly with excitement.

When it lands, the talons of the roaring dragon, curl around the rocky edges of the crater of the volcano.  I stare down at the blood red lava swirling swiftly around the inside of the volcano and think to myself, this is cool.

By Fergus

My Dragon and I

Do you have a dragon, or have you seen one?  Well I do, and I am going to tell you all about him.

His sharp devilish talons clinch around me like a fiery ball of flames.  They make the table go screech, screech, screech.  

His shimmering wings swoop down on me.  His flickery tail smacks my cheeks like a total maniac. 

His bold, bright scales, glitter in the sparkling sunrise. 

His deadly fire breath makes immense fires in my back yard. 

Violently, his muscular bulging legs, kick people in the tummy. 

His blood red eyes makes fuming flames like it’s fiery breath.

My dragon can be scary, but really he is nice.

By Jodie-Anne

Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Baby

The baby stares with her blue googly eyes.  A red shiny paint brush in her hand and her mouth leaks paint the colour of blood.  Her gold shiny hair sways in the winding wind.  The chubby baby splashes paint on her brand new white dress.  The white wall is covered in rainbow slippery paint.  When the mum and dad pick up their adorable baby they are horrified to see all the paint on the white wall.  The baby laughs and giggles all the way home.

By Symone

The baby's eyes glitter with excitement as she sticks the paintbrush in her mouth.  Her paint splattered hands wave sluggishly around.  Her ears flap becasue the howling wind is blowing in her coloured face.  Her small baby shaped body moves slowly around the big red splosh of liquidy paint.  Her legs dance awkwardly around the painted walls of the small house.  Suddenly out of nowhere her mum and dad walk slowly into the house.  The baby screams happily.

By Jodie-Anne