Monday, 16 July 2012


Big horses, small horses,
Brown horses, white horses.
Ginger horses.

Good horses, bad horses,
Horses everywhere.

By Ella


Silly boys,
Funny boys,
Naughty boys,
Good boys.

A monkey boy,
a funky boy,
Boys all around.

By Jackson


Daisies pink, daisies brown,
Daisies do not make you frown.

Daisies are beautiful,
Daisies are sweet.

I know they are nice, 
Not to eat!

By Maria


Tall shoes, small shoes,
Black shoes, white shoes,
New shoes, old shoes,
Shaggy shoes, party shoes.

So many different shoes.

By Emma


Tall dogs, small dogs,
Low dogs, high dogs,
Brown dogs, red dogs.

So many dogs.

Spotty dogs, plain dogs,
Guide dogs.

Just dogs, dogs, DOGS!

By Symone


Naughty boys, 
Silly boys,
A scallywag,
A bookworm.

Nice boys,
Cheeky boys,
A funny boy,
A monkey boy.

So many different boys.

By Riley, Russell, and Jackson