Thursday, 3 September 2015


The desert has a blazing sun like a fireball with fiery fingers that stretch to the ground. The sky is bright blue and cloudless.

The sand is golden yellow and burning. The sand is smooth. The sand has ripples like your fingerprint. The sand is brownish. When the sun goes on the sand it sparkles.

The journey is a challenging one.
The adventurers are sweating and thirsty.
They have tall long shadows like pitch black hair.

The desert is a horrible place.

The Desert - By Frankie

The desert is scorching hot like burning fire.

The dazzling blue sky is cloudless as the people trudge along. As the sun slides along the sky, the desert gets more scalding hot.

The golden sand glimmers like someone had sprinkled glitter all over the desert. Adventurers leave deep holes as they march. Ripples are like fingerprints in the sand. The sand is dry and rough as a camels hooves stomps on the sand.

The dangerous journey looks like it will never end, but maybe it will end some day.As the adventurers long, tall shadows cover the glimmering sand, the   sun goes down. The adventurers wonder if it was the end of their life. After the adventurers have strolled and stomped, the are worn-out.

The desert is a very horrible place to be and I don’t think I would like to visit the scorching hot desert.

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By Frankie