Thursday, 27 February 2014


The view was spectacular.  The fish swam gracefully through the turquoise shimmering sea.  The rocks are as sharp as daggers.  Minerals, glinting in the sunlight.  The waves crashed against shore.  There wasn’t a cloud to be seen.  The sky was a bluebell blue.  The wind whips my hair toward the dazzling ocean.  Salty sea water, splashes against my face.  I can hear the leaves rustling, as the trees sway side to side.  The snakes twisted, and twirled, slithered, and slid, along the soft golden sand.

Brown furry coconuts hung from the trees. The island was like a jungle just waiting to be explored.  


I was on an island.  I looked at the trees.  They were rustling.  It felt like they were talking to each other.  Suddenly the wind came.  Woossshh, went the wind.  The wind was changing, fast and strong.  Then it came again.  It was pushing and whistling.  I smelt rotten fish and the sea salt.  My boat was rocking from side to side.

THE ISLAND - By Harris

I rocked past a deserted island.  I threw the tiny anchor in and started to admire the little island.  I saw the shimmering golden sand and smouldering black rocks.  I smell dead fish and the smell of the damp forest.  I feel the swaying of the boat and the chill down my spine as the chilly wind hits me.  A blinding white fish blasted out of the water and belly flopped into the water on the other side of the boat.  I could still see the little fish because of the glimmering white scales.  I saw a glimmering fish do a half somersault and face plant into the water.


I see a deserted island in the middle of an ocean.  The fish are swimming in the sharp sea.  I see the wavy sea splash against the jagged rocks at the edge of the island.  I see the seagulls flying around above the sea searching for lovely fish.  The salty smell, oh that lovely smell of the deserted sea.  The sand sparkles around the island like dazzling crystals.  What is that?  In the corner of my eye I saw a fish fly fluently past me.  The trees sway side to side, it is almost like they’re breathing into my ear.  I see the shimmering sea reflect on the trees like glimmering diamonds.  I look up at the crystal clear sky.  The clouds are shaped like animals.   It is almost like I can grab one.  The tiny yellow grains of sand sieve through my toes.  The brown, hairy, juicy coconuts are up in the fresh green leaves.  Out of the corner of my eye I see a crab scuttling across the wild, west sand.  As I run across the golden grains they flick up in the air.  It is almost like sand can reach like hands to the animal clouds.  The sea is like white horses charging towards me.

THE ISLAND - By Harrison

I went in my little raft to an island.  It was deserted!  I feel salty sea water splashing on my face.  I could hear the trees swaying in the fiery hot sand.  I could taste the cold shivery wind, blowing in my mouth.  I could see the brown furry coconuts hanging from the trees.  Big wild pigs were at the deserted island.


On an island, I see grains of sand crunching when I stand on it.  When I look at the water, I see the sun reflecting on the crystal water.  I look at the trees.  I see the trees waving.  When I look at the sky, I see white, fluffy clouds.  I see gulls glare at me suspiciously.  At night, the sparkling stars are the roof over my head.