Thursday, 27 February 2014


I went in my boat and I saw an island.  A deserted island!!  I knew it was a deserted island because I saw that no one was on it.  It was in the middle of nowhere.  So I went on it.  I was scared.  It was dark so I built a shelter for the night.  I woke up, and my boat was missing.  Oh no!  How can I get back?  I’ll take a look at this island.  But be very careful.  But my feet are stuck in quick sand!  Help!  But no one heard me.  The snakes heard me though.  “Ssssss,” the snakes said.  Help!!  I just got out.  I scampered to the dark foggy forest.  I think I lost the snakes.  Phew!  I could not see anything at all.  I heard a noise.  A scary noise.  Like a… BEAR!  RUN!  I’ll climb up a tree.  It was a very tall tree.  The bear is coming.  I jump up.  The branch almost broke off, but it did not break.  I kept climbing up.  But not again…another snake.  I need to be very quiet and Ahhhhhh!  Ouch!  I just fell all the way down the tree.  I’ll get a stick and make a spear.  I throw it.

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  1. wow!!!!!! *Finn* I* am *really* hooked *on* to *your *story* Interesting* words* Dyneka*