Monday, 11 March 2013


My cat has hazel eyes.  My cat is also sparkly.  When my cat gets to Charlie, my dog, she hisses and pounces away and sneaks quietly outside.  She jumps on the fence and goes to the butchers or the corner fish and chip shop.  Onyx's eyes shimmer when the sun shines brightly on them.  When Onyx gets angry, she thunders past.  I like my cat Onyx because she is fluffy and she always comes up to me, and she purrs and she cuddles me with her head.  Also I love my dog Charlie.

By Mya


My cat is black and brown.  My soft cat is cute and cuddly.  I love my soft fluffy cat.  She likes to chase butterflies.  Her name is Ella.  She drinks lots of milk to make her strong, like really strong.  I like cats.  My cat has grassy green eyes.

By Riley


One day I found a dragon.  It wa small.  it was eating some goo.  He looked a wee bit cool, so I took him home.  He liked my house, so I kept him.

His eyes could change colour.  The colours are gold and green.  I kept giving him dragon seeds.  he grew so big that he was too big and couldn't fit in the house.  His name is Zombie.

When he is outside he catches dragonflies.  Dinosaurs are his enemy.  Zombie can do whatever he wants.  He is a Dunedin dragon.  He can talk like a human and sometimes he is a wee bit naughty.  He squashes plants.

Zombie really, really likes me.  He is nice to me.  He steals peoples wallets so I can be rich.  He kills people that are mean to him.

My dragon is always happy.  When he is hungry, he dresses up like a person and goes to shops and steals food.  When he is angry, he flies to a volcano and sits at the top.

He is 73 years old.  He is taller than the Sky Tower.  He is one of the fastest fliers.

He is one of the best dragons.

By Lucas


Once I had a seven aside tournament with my team.

It was in Mosgiel.  It was at Taieri Rugby Football Club.  It's pretty far away.

I felt nervous.  I felt scared and afraid and proud.  

I was with my team, my Southern Team.  And my Mum and Dad because they were my coach and manager.

What happened was that my team won.  We won a trophie.  We got some certificates and we won all our games in the tournament.  We were really happy.

I can't wait for this years seven aside tournament.  My team was pretty happy that day.

By Samuel


I have a cat that gets up to mischief a lot.  My snuggly cats is called Shadow.  Every day my cat goes out the back door, scuttles across the ground, then prances over the fence and sneaks into the shop next door.  He crouches and his ears go down.  He climbs up the table legs and gets the goldfish.  Then he would come home with a lot of smelly goldfish.  They would stink the house out.
He's a scallywag!

By Finn


One day my family bought a cat from the pet shop.  We called him Daisy.  He looks fluffy and he is brown and white.  He has blue eyes that glare and he has short hair.  We bought him because we wanted a pet.  We got him from the pet shop.  Daisy likes to follow me and he likes eating birds and catching birds.  Daisy lives at home with me and Mum and Dad and Bella.  He goes in my room and Mum and Dad's room.  Daisy has a big bed in the lounge.  Daisy has a girl name, but he is a boy.

By Josh


Two days ago a golden cat went to Queens Park in Invercargill and stole goldfish.  The cat hid in the bushes and slowly moved his head.  His eyes slowly followed the goldfish around the pond.  He caught the goldfish because he missed his feeding time.  

The gardner wondered where all of his goldfish were going.  So the next day the gardner hid in the bushes.  The cat came and he saw the gardner.  So then the cat walked away and the gardner came running out of the bush.  Then the cat ran up a tree.

By Jack


Jiu Jitsu is a place in Dunedin where you learn grappling...but people can learn faster and can earn belts faster than others. It is in a small building on Teviot Street.  Jiu Jitsu is near our house, so it is very easy to get to.

The people in my family who go to Jiu Jitsu are Fergus, that's me, and Maggie, that's my sister.  My other sister, Claudia, will start as soon as she is five.  That is a long time away.

The days you go to Jiu Jitsu are Tuesday and Friday.  Two days a week.

Jiu Jitsu is a matial art.  It is not a striking sport.  It is a grappling sport.

Now I will tell you the reason why we do Jiu Jitsu:
it helps us learn self defence.
it helps us with self control and managing anger.
it gets you fit.

When you start Jiu Jitsu you will get a gi.  It has a top and some trousers.  Also a belt.  the belt is white to begin with.  You can get higher ranked and your belt changes colour.  I have got orange with a white stripe.

I feel that Jiu Jitsu is a fun activity that keeps you fit.  I would recommend to start early though.  Jiu Jitsu is awesome.  You have to try it!

By Fergus


My dreadful dragon is a nice dragon.  He has dreadful teeth and dreadful spiked wings.  My dreadful dragon lives in a cave near the mountains.  He kills bad dragons.  Sometimes I feed my dreadful dragon.  I feed him meat because dragons like meat.  I love my dreadful dragon.  He looks cool.  His name is Lucas.  He loves meat because he is a dragon.  He has sharp hair and looks like a scary dragon, because he can go on fire.

By Cameron H

Sunday, 10 March 2013


My dragon has slippery sparkling scales.  It has a very long tail with no spikes on the end.  She has sparkling blue eyes and lives in a tree hut.  Her body is aqua.  

She loves flying, that's her favourite thing to do.  She also loves music.  Her favourite song is, "Baby You're a Firework."  Katie Perry is her favourite singer.  Every night she sits on the sofa and listens to lots and lots of music in front of the fire, and she stays up all night.  She's still not tired in the morning.  

She flies through the window and up into the sky through the whistling wind.  She's not ever cold.

I love my dragon.  My dragon is mighty.  She's strong. 

By Jessica


I have a white cat.  It has sparkling eyes that glitter with mischief.  It's white sliky fur feels soft when I pat it.  Once he was crossing the road.  he scuttled down the steep driveway. Amazingly he looked both ways and thundered across the black road.  Then he sees another cat.

By Alex

Saturday, 9 March 2013


My cat Bella loves to hine in boxes.  One day, my family moved to Dunedin.  She hid and we thought we had lost her, but she was in the box having babies.
Bella's eyes are bright blue eyes and she has a black body.  She is very shiny.  
Her birthday is July 14th.  She is part of my family.

By Maia


My dragon is aqua and gold.  She has sparkling scales.  She is gold all over with aqua spots on her body.  Her blue eyes shimmer in the sunlight, like the lightest blue stars ever.

Her name is Sparkle-Lily.  Sparkle-Lily is very kind.  Very, very kind.  She has a magic love heart ruby that is pink.  She decided to thread the ruby onto a pink piece of elastic with pearls on it.

She loves her ruby necklace.

By Aliya


My dragon has a very long tail. little legs, shiny white teeth, blue glimmering eyes, and green and pink scaly skin.

He lives on a mountain in a cave, and is as huge as Room 10.  He gives me hugs.  He is amazing because he can go invisible.

My dragon is a scaly friendly dragon.  My dragon is a very funny dragon.  Sometimes he says he doesn't exist.

Sometimes he likes to get into mischief, like going out of the cave.  He even lets me on his back and go for a ride.

By Amber

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


My cat is shining green.  He is fat.  He miaows so loud.  He likes to play.  He likes to eat a lot.  He jumps onto trees.  He sleeps on my bed.  He likes to eat fish.

By Zayn


My terrifying cat is bigger than a rat, bigger than ferocious lions and tigers, which are very big cats.  She goes out the front and scrambles over the fence.  She turns into a soft furry furball to trick the shop owner.  Then it melts the solid glass fish bowl and catches the floppy gold, sparkly fish in its mouth.

By Russell


Hello, would you like to know some stuff about a certain cat in my life?  Good, because I am going to tell you about one.

I have a four year old cat, her name is Black Betty.  She has black fur and the brightest, yellowish, greenish eyes.

Black Betty has quite a big family.  She has one brother and either 3, 4 or 5 sisters, but I forget.  Lastly, she has her mother Smoochy.

I think I know why she is sad most of the time.  Because all her sisters and her brother got taken away from her.  But not her mum.

Black Betty has lots of really awesome talents, like she can open some doors.  She can also jump six times her size.

My cat does a lot of quite weird stuff too.  She even licks her mothers butt and she never passes an opportunity for food.

By Caleb

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


My ferocious dragon that I am talking about is a shimmering, shining, scaled dragon that lives in the exquisite tree tops of the misty deep jungle, in an immense straw nest.

It is leafy green and tree stalk brown.  It has sunlight yellow eyes and red razor sharp claws and teeth and sparkling scales that shine in the sizzling sun.

My menacing mysterious dragon slyly peeps around the wooden village houses.  Then he crouches, then...
fiercly zooms up in the dark, stormy, cloudy sky.

He powerfully flies into the blue sky and zooms down into the village again.

On sunny days he sours back into his colossal nest.

By Cameron