Monday, 27 May 2013


 What will you do today at home?  Tom and Joe are planning on having a snowball fight and also want to see if their sled works.  Let me know what you are doing by commenting.

Thursday, 23 May 2013


Why should you get pets when you don't care about them.  Do you want your pets to die or live?  How would you feel if your pet died?  Sad, I guess.
Being abandoned with no food is not a very nice thing to do to a pet.  Dogs can protect people.  Dogs can be intelligent.  Dogs can be a blanket.
So that's why I think dogs shouldn't be left on their own.

By Zayn

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Once upon a time there was a little boy called Sammy.  He was at home when he looked out the window and he saw it was raining very hard.  So little Sammy said to Mum, "I'm going to go to my friend who lives on a farm."  And off he went.  It was very muddy, so they played in the mud.  They screamed with giggles.  Sammy said, "Ew, this mud looks yuck, gooey, sticky, slimy and brown."  They sploshed and splashed in the mud.  Jem looked to the left and he saw a really big bull.  The bull looked back at them and started to charge at them.  They ran, but not very fast becasue they were in quick mud.  The bull got stuck, he was caked in mud.  Sammy and Jem ran and ran until finally they got home and told Jems Mum.

By Chloe


I feel annoyed that an owner left it's dog all by itself.  I reckon that owners of pets shouldn't be allowed to leave their pets.  I feel sad that owners of pets are allowed their pets.  
Dogs could die.  They could get sick and they might get put down.
The dog would feel lonely and sad and angry at the owner.
The dog would be wet and it won't have any water.
I would be sad and angry at the owner.
I can't believe that an owner of a dog would abandon it instead of making a home for the dog and being really nice.  They are mean.

By Jack


One day I saw a puppy abandoned.  Left to die with no food or water.  It was alone.  It cried.  The puppy felt mad, sad and lonely.  It was a wee bit big.  Then it saw me.  It had a sad face.  It was in an alley.  It made me feel cross at the person that abandoned that puppy.  It got mad and chased me because it didn't trust me.  I ran to the pet shop and the puppy could not find me anywhere.  Then it died and that was the end of that puppy.  Luckily I did not get hurt.  I was happy because I did not get hurt and I was a wee bit sad because the puppy died.

By Joshua


Here are a selection of photos from our trip to Toitu.  It was a fantastic trip and we learnt a lot about how different life was back in the 1800's.  

Toitu on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Reflection Art on PhotoPeach

During our trip to the Dunedin Art Gallery we made art that involved reflection.  We had to work hard to think what our shapes would look like once they were reflected.

Saturday, 18 May 2013


As the rain stopped I could see I was in a muddy gooey puddle.  I was in a field on a farm.  I was caked in mud.  I saw a bull, but not any bull.  A brown over grown fat bull, and it started to charge at me.  It chased and it chased so fast it was about to pop.  Suddenly it stopped.  Just like that.  For no reason at all.  I said O.M.G. and I shivered.  I turned immediately, and ran as fast as I could started to charge at me again.  My heart was pounding.  But luckily I found a place to hide.  It did not see me, I quickly ran away.  But what I didn't know was...there was a herd of fat bulls right behind me.  I was petrified.  I was scared.  They came at me.  I now have a wheelchair and a black eye.  Now I know NOT to go near bulls.

By Amber


The caked feet walk swiftly and silently past the huge brown bull, through the squishy squelchy mud puddle.  The bull doesn't charge, the man is camouflaged.  The bull is thinking whether to charge or not.  Finally it charged.  The man had no choice but to run.  He sprinted through the squishy, squelchy mud, onto the warm spiky grass.  With mud smothered feet, he ran and ran past houses, through puddles, across roads and down alleyways, with the bull still behind him.  People stared at this astonishing sight.  The bull finally stopped.  The man went home and the bull went back to the muddy field.

By Alex


I was wandering in the middle of nowhere, when suddenly, a wild bull came charging straight at me.  I was scared silly, but still I went somewhere away from the bull, hoping to hide behind a tree or something.  But nothing was to be seen.  After running quite a long way, I stopped running.  Then I looked at my feet.  I was very surprised.  They were caked in mud!  I looked back and there was mud everywhere where I had run.  I looked more carefully in the distance.  The bull had stopped running after me.  I was relieved.  That was lucky!

By Mei


Once upon a time I saw a mud puddle.  In fact a very big mud puddle.  I went in it and I got stuck and for a moment I thought it was quick mud.  It was!  Then a bull charged.  I ran, but I ran very slowly.  The bulls hoof slamed down on me.  I felt very, very numb after.  It pushed me down into the mud.  After I was caked in mud.

By Zayn


One day Mrs French was walking along the beach.  Then two bulls saw her.  She was running like a maniac in circles.  She slipped into the gooey mud.  She was covered in slimy mud in no time.  Mrs French went onto a stone and pretended she was a statue.  The mud dried.  She cried.  The bull knocked her off the stone, into the water.  She was free.  Mrs French's feet were covered with mud.  Her shoes were floating away in the ocean.

By Grace


One day I was running and a bull charged at me ferociously.  The bull started to charge at me.  The bull made me fall into the yucky, gooey, disgusting mud.  When I got out of the yucky mud, I was caked with mud.  The mud was wet, sticky, gooey and squishy.

By Max


One day I was running with a red top, then a bull looked at me.  Then the bull came running at me.  I ran for my life.  I crpt in the gooey mud, and the bull was gone.  I got out.  I looked at my feet, they were caked in mud.  I waited, then the bull was back.  I ran to my house.  The bull broke my door.  I ran upstairs.  He followed me.  I jumped out the window.  He did not follow.  The big bull charged downstairs.  He ran at me.  Then he was gone and it was over.  My Mum and Dad were cross at me for breaking the door.  I was telling them the story.  They did not believe me.

By Finn


Someone fell over into some mud.  He smashed into the mud.  He got caked.  A bull smashed into him and his whole body got covered in mud.  He liked the mud, so he frolicked in it.  He stopped.  He was so caked in mud that the bull could not see him.  He did not have any more clothes.  He ran everywhere and kept on falling over and getting caked.  He stayed at the mud for a whole day.  He jumped in it and slid in it.  He was having lots of fun.  His favourite thing in the world is mud.
By Lucas

Friday, 17 May 2013


The lions are fighting because there is a girl.  They are fighting over her.  So they had a big fight.  Their home looks like this... grass and trees and loads of rocks.  They are orange.  They have line on their paws.  They are boys.  They have brown eyes.  They are in the zoo.  They are behind a log and they have black noses.  They are in a cage.

By Hayley

Thursday, 16 May 2013


One day I was walking and I saw a big fat bull.  It looked at me furiously, then it scraped its hoof on the rock solid ground, and it charged at me.  I turned and I ran as fast as I could.  Then I didn't notice, but I had jumped into a pile of quick mud, and as soon as I got out I was caked in mud.  The bull could not get me now.  I thought I had done it.  i hadn't.  The furious beast still sprinted across the oozy mud. The bull looked disgusting.  The bull butted me like mad.  I had to get a cast on my head and arm.  Now I know not to go near a bull, especially fat big bulls!

By Holly


One day I saw a mud puddle.  It was brown and sticky and I went in it.  A bull scared me so I ran away from him.  Then the bull came after me.  Then he ran into the mud puddle and he liked it so he stood in there for 20 hours.  So I went in there as well.  Then my sister went in it too.  We jumped in there and then he charged me.  So me and my sister ran.  I went into the car.  When I went out of the car he chased me all around the farm.  Finally he stopped and went after my sister and I laughed and laughed and laughed.  But then he chased me home. He stopped and ran back to the farm.

By Cameron H


There I was, lying on the hard ground, face down.  I felt a big bump on the back of my head.  I got up. I felt a bit dozy and I fell over again, but I managed to get back up.  I looked around and saw that I was at a farm and wondered how I got there.  Then I saw a bull.  I stopped in my tracks.  My heart was pounding.  I moved back slowly, then I ran.  I ran into some chunky mud and I tripped over.  I got up and ran again.  Squelch, blubber went my revoltingly smelly feet as I ran and ran from the outrageous, raging bull.  But the bull caught up with me and knocked me out cold.  That was the end of me.
By Sam W


In Room 10 we have been experimenting with shapes that tessellate (cover a surface with no gaps)  Here are some photos of our tessellations. Symmetry - Tessellations on PhotoPeach

  • Josh thinks that triangles were easy to make flat areas
  • Alex found out that you can make a hexagon out of triangles
  • Holly found out that hexagons and triangles worked together to make a flat surface
  • Zayn found out that things didn't work out with the pentagons
  • Mya found out that big shapes and little shapes didn't work together
  • Caleb found out that if you add heaps of squares together they will make a big square
  • Cameron C found out that squares and triangles did make a flat surface but the corners didn't work to make a rectangle
  • Fergus found out that squares and triangles worked out to make a great rectangular shape
  • Harris found out that lots of trianges could make a big diamond
  • Mei found out that lots of triangles made a pyramid shape
  • Maia found out that big shapes and middle shapes didn't work together
  • Russell found out that squares can make big shapes if you use them to make a rectangle line
  • Finn found out that you can't make a triangle with squares

Monday, 13 May 2013


In our class we have been talking about reflection.  We enjoyed making these patterns which show reflection. Maths Symmetry on PhotoPeach


In maths today we were explaining the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Here are some of our explanations...

Sunday, 12 May 2013


On Sunday morning I opened one eye to make sure the Easter bunny wasn't there.  He wasn't there so I opened my other eye and pounced out of bed.  I looked for eggs but there were none there.  I was so sad.  But...I looked at my Easter cubby and there was a note.  It said, 
"Dear Chloe and Jeremy, 
You have a lot of work to do finding your eggs.  Mum and Dad will give you clues of where the eggs are hidden.  
Love Easter Bunny.
The Easter Bunny gave me some riddles to answer.  The Easter Bunny gave Jeremy some questions to answer.  The Easter Bunny also gave us a map of the house.  It had golden stars where eggs were.  Me and Jeremy loved looking for eggs.  And another thing I really liked about Easter is that I can run around to find the eggs!!!  

By Chloe


We went to see a performance.  There was singing.  First he talked about the map.  The costume he was wearing was a strap and a skirt.  He did the haka.  It sounded like Humpty Dumpty.

By Hayley

Saturday, 11 May 2013


The school went to a performance.  It was called Mana Spirit.  The person who was running the show was called Bernard.  The first thing he did was tell a story.  Then he did a dance.  it was really awesome.  Bernard did a butterfly, a horse, a buzzy bee and an eagle.  he did it with seven hoops.  then he told us a haka.  It was funny.

By Harris


Yesterday, the Seniors and the Middles went to a show called the Mana Spirit.  The mans name was Bernard.  he did a dance around by the children.  The best part was when he did the Hip Hop and talking about the Islands and the hula hoop dance.  He turned into a bee and a butterfly and a flower.  he used seven hoops.

By William


When the morning came the lion laid one eye on another lion.  Then they got up and started hunting for breakfast.  One got an antelope and the other one got a meercat.  Then the lions started frolicking with their food.  After breakfast the lion ate everyone elses breakfast.

By Zayn 


Rrrrrrrrrrrr!  Two lazy lions frolic on green hard ground as the dust rises up into the windy air.  Turning and twisting as their fur silently swirls in the dazzling sun.  Their messy golden manes flip and flap over their tar black eyes.  Their powerful jaws crash down noisily over their long slippery tongue.  Their deadly claws scratch each other as they tumble around the dry, dusty grass.  their gingery tummies roll on each other.  Sniff goes their sniffy snout smelling the smelly air.  They growl with exhaustion but they want to merely win!

By Cam


A tree trunk goes flying as two deadly lions battle to show who's the strongest.  Paws go flaying everywhere, golden manes turn black with dirt.  The trees fight not to break under the wrath of the massive roar from the lion.  Sharp jaws swing everywhere chomping down ferociously.  The brown grass of the Savanah is dead under the weight of the lion.  Powerful feet pop out from below.  Black noses snort loudly, as the lion is hurt.  Tails wag visciously with hatred.  Vast bodies swing in all directions.  A cloud rises up.  No one can see them.  Who will win?  The winner appears.

By Fergus


When the dust lifts I can see two lions that love to frolic.  They have messy manes.  they are very lazy, but at the same time they are lovely.  They are gingery.  They are fighting because they want to see who is the biggest and the strongest and the most powerful.  Right behind them is a big huge rusty rock.  They both have swishy, swaggy tails.  They both have black bulgy eyes.  They both have giant large paws.  The lions' fight is deadly.  The lions are ferocious.  They have black wet noses.

By Amber


Once upon a time when I was in Africa, I saw two lions frolicking outside on the grass.  the lions looked at me and said, "Hi."  I didn't believe it, so when I went home I told Mum.  But she didn't believe me, so I went and told Dad.  And he believed me, because he always does.  I was really frightened but my dad was there with me, because he wanted to come with me, because he wanted to go on an adventure to see the lions too.  They had big black spots on their bodies, with ginger fur.  They had big furry manes.

By Mya


Once I went to the zoo and I saw two lions frolicking.  They were having great fun tumbling over each other.  One rolled over near me, but I quickly ran away because I was scared of the lions.  They were very fluffy.  They had a ginger mane and soft paws.  The two lions had big black noses.  They had trees all around them.  A rock rolled onto one of the lions paws.  he roared loudly.  the lion was terrified with what had just happened.  His paw was flattened and it was really sore and pretty stingy.  He was really thirsty because it was a long day.  He ran to the water fountain.

By Jessica


One cloudy day I spotted a couple of lions frolicking in the tall grass, when I went tramping on a hill alone in the countryside.  Their manes were so messy they looked like matted grass.  They had then spotted me and ignored me completely.  I watched them for another hour when I a female showed up.  I saw a humungous paw with razor sharp claws on the end.  It came striking against the other lion.  It got terribly scared.  When the lions face came into view, it had a dark red scar across its face.  It yelped with pain.  Some birds flew off as fast as a rocket.  The lions streaked off.  That was the last I saw of them.

By Cameron MH


The wind is blowing the dust away from the two mighty kings of the jungle, the ferocious beasts, the fearless lions fighting for the crown, to claim the spot at the top of the zoo.  The two lions keep on fighting till the end.  They bite, they kick, they hit, and they claw.  These two lions won't stop at anything.  Even if a stampede came rushing straight at them, they wouldn't stop.  The two ginger furred lions with black eyes are clawing at each other, not even thinking of giving up.  Finally the lion drops dead, he lies there like a statue.

By Caleb


Two lions trampling over each other.  Two lions with pitch black noses.  Two lions with brown eyes, with deadly giant sharp claws and furry golden manes which shimmer in the sunlight.  They are frolicking in the zoo.  With swishy swaggy tails they frolic around the zoo. It's like they are fighting on the grass, but they are frolicking on the hot grass.  They will not stop frolicking, even if someone tries to give them nice food.  They will never stop, it is too much fun.

By Isabella


When I was in the Savanah, I heard a rustle in the bushes.  I wandered over to see what it was, and before I knew it I was face to face with a lion!  I went back through the bushes the way I had come.  I was so surprised when I noticed I was right in front of a lion fight!  I was so facinated by the fight, I couldn't move.  My feet seemed to be rooted to the ground.  The lions frolicked around on the grass.  Soon it would be dark so I set off back to the village.

By Aliya


In the forest, two male lions are fighting to be the friend of the lioness.  They both have big bushy manes and very sharp claws on the end of their paws.  Their ear piercing roars ruin the quiet and peaceful night.  The lioness is watching carefully at the lions every single move.  No other lion was watching (they were sleeping) and one very angry lion came and roared and roared ear piercing roars.  He wated to fight to be the best but the lioness looked up from the fighting.  She liked the lions roar so they happily frolicked away together.

By Mei


There I was, on a safari, enjoying the blazing heat while it lasted.  Then, when I was just about to drink some water I saw two lions trying to kill each other.  It was a really facinating sight to see, two lions fighting to the death.  When I was just about to go, I heard a big wimpering bellow.  "Haaaoooooo," the ferocious lion died, and the other one was proud.  And then I drove away and saw lots of animals.  I saw a herd of zebras, a few giraffes and two frolicking rhinos.  Today was really awesome.

By Sam W


A cloud of dust rose, as two over grown cats twist and flip, grapple claws and tangle together.  Their ear splitting roars of agony and anger rip savagely through the dusty silence. Their bright dazzling yellow manes wipe and wind messily.  Their eyes glint orange in the dazzling sun.  Their golden paws sail through the dusty air as they battle.  their big bodies twist and bend dangerously daring to snap.  Their faces grimace painfully, but they bravely keep on fighting.  They growl with exhaustion, but they want to merely win.  Their handsome tails swish because they are two handsome lions.

By Russell