Wednesday, 25 September 2013

LION - By Mei

My favourite toy is called Lion.  I have had him since I was about two years old.  When I found the stuffed tiger I liked him alot and called him Lion. It used to be Mum's present from Dad but I didn’t know this at  the time but Mum said that it was alright to keep him.  

And then after that I slept with him every night.  And I am still doing that so that is why his head is flat in the place where I always sleep.

He has been in the washing machine a few times.   And the reason he was in the washing mashine is because I had head lice.  We could have put him away for two weeks but I wasn’t going to let that happen so we put him in the washing machine instead.

His eyes are emerald green with black in the middle and his tummy is white and his ears are black on the outer side and white on the inner.  He has no claws.  I don't know why.

I like him best because of his fluffy tail.  That's the only fluffy part in the tiger left.

Lion is special to me because I have had him for as long as I remember and because I am a single child, he is like a brother to me.

He is like part of the family and I have taken him on all the trips I have had except the ones that included going on a plane.

I imagine sometimes what fun it would be if Lion could talk.  He would be able to say all the everyday words like “hello” or “how are you today” And he would be magic and we would go to different worlds and there was a wishing land where you could wish for one thing like being able to fly or being able to just be lazy and stuff like that.

Lion is the best toy ever!


Daddy Dog was my first ever soft toy dog.  I have had him for seven years.

Daddy Dog is seven years old in human years and 49 in dog years.

He is so old that he has turned grey.  He has had over twenty five holes.

Daddy Dog was born in Australia and given to me by my Aunty Andrea.

He has been many places.  He has been to Australia, Otamatata and other places.

Once he got left at Otamatata for a whole week.

Daddy Dog helps me when I am sad and he helps me get to sleep.

Daddy Dog is my oldest and dearest toy.  I am really glad Aunty Andrea gave him to me.


Charlie is a dog with super-soft fur.  He is a staffy cross with a lab.  He's about five months old.

Charlies swift legs make him run as swift as a mustang.

Charlies black tail (with a tip of white on the end) wags furiously when he meets a new person or when he's excited.

Charlies sharp claws and teeth scratch and bite all day long.

Charlies favourite things to do on the couch, chew bones, scratch and chomp on people and putting holes in clothes.

Charlie has his own bed but refuses and sleeps with me.  When he sleeps he snores very loud.

Charlie likes all his toys but especially his squeaker.

He loves to annoy mum by stealing food and tripping her up.  All you can hear from Mum all day is... "Gees, you're a toad of a dog, Charlie!"

We adopted Charlie because no one gave him a home and he's been our best friend ever since.

Every morning when I get dropped off, he comes with us and sits on my lap and when I need him to get off he doesn't move a mussel.  And he looks at me with a look in his eye that tells me "Please don't leave me, Cameron."

When we go to Damians (friend) farm, all he does is... run round and eat sheep poo.

As you can see, Charlie is a mischiefy dog.

I love Charlie and he loves me!

Monday, 23 September 2013


My taonga is my necklace.  It is called Venia Koru.  The meaning of the necklace is that love is eternal.  Which means love goes on forever.  

My necklace is special because it comes from Finalnd.  My Pappa bought it for me when he was on holiday in Finland (he is Finnish).  I think it is really cool that is comes from where my Pappa is from.

This will probably look like a triangle to you.  But it isn't a triange.  it's supposed to be a heart.  It has a swirl on it called a koru.  It is a lot like a maori koru too, but it isn't.

The shop that my Pappa bought the necklace from was in Kuopio.  It was made in 2011.  When the necklace is made it is heated to more than 1,000 degrees so that the metal melts into the shapes of a heart.

What I like best about my necklace is the way they have carved it, it looks like there are black crystals shining inside.  I have to be very careful not to loose my necklace as I wouldn't be able to get another one easily.

This treasure is like greenstone to New Zealand, except it belongs to Finland.  My necklace makes me feel special because I'm the only one who has it.


My taonga is this old blanket.  It is eight years old, the same age as me.  My Mum and Dad gave it to me when I was born.  It was with me everywhere.  This blanket was pink, now it's grey.  My taonga is special because it's always been with me.  I like to wrap myself up when I am cold.  Sometimes I run over to the couch and snuggle up with my blanket.  i will always take good care of my taonga because it's special and I love it.


My speech is about my two greenstones.  One is carved and the other one is uncarved.  The uncarved greenstone was given to me by my dads friend Paul.  Paul told me that the longer I had it, the greener it gets from the heat of my hands.  I hope to get it carved into something that means a lot to me one day.  My other carved greenstone was my mums, and she gave it to me to wear now.  The carved shape means from the beginning to eternity.  So that's forever.  I love greenstones because they can be made into some awesome shapes which have lots of different meanings.  My greenstones are wonderful.

Thursday, 19 September 2013


Dragons are mythical creatures, and very mysterious as well.  These vicious man eating brutes have been know, and are known to be devilish and cruel.

Most dragons live in forests or caves.  The caves are usually full of all sorts of creepy crawlies like spiders.  As well as all these spiders there is a fast flowing stream flowing right through the centre of the cave.  This is very handy for dragons in the winter, because dragons can warm themselves by blowing fire into the stream.

Their wings stretch out for miles like, the wings of a bird.  Did you know that dragons wings are longer than ten cars parked in a line!!  The wings of a dragon are very fragile.

A dragons body can shine ruby red when the sun is shining in the right place at the right time.  Dragons are very protective about their bodies.  They love showing off.

Their legs.  Well, their legs are as long as a desk.  On those legs, if you look very closely, you would see tiny scales, and those scales are rough, slimy and gooey.  They are disgusting.

A dragons foot is as big as a square cushion.

His claws, horns, and teeth are as white as a sheet of paper and as sharp as a sword.

His nostrils are like shells with little hairs on the inside.  Big, black as tar, shell like nostrils.

The eyes look like red, hot pools of fire.  Dragons eyes are as big as saucers, and the pupils look like they have been split and spread across the eye.

WARNING:  Beware of the dragon!

DRAGON By Harris

A dragon is a raging beast.

His smoldering eyes glimmer in the darkness.

His jagged teeth munch through solid human bones.

His horns are as sharp as butchers knives.

His body is six stories high and two stories long.  He has razor sharp spikes all over his back.  Under his spikes he has iron shields.


A dragon is an evil devious monster that can kill easily with its sharp yellow teeth.

The dragons feet sink into the human bones and swords.  The cave echo sounds like kids screaming.  His eyes are as big as dinner plates.  His wings are covered in holes.  His mouth is dribbling with red blood.  He has spikes on his back.  The edge of the dragons wings scrape against the walls of the cave as he stomps towards the exit of the dark cave.  He knows what tunnel to take because the one that goes to the exit has daylight.

Dragons are an animal you would never want to meet.

DRAGON By Russell

The winged hero soared into the blue sky.  His intense glare froze the vile villains into stone.

“Flap, flap.”  A winged menace comes nostril to nostril to him.  Claw meets jagged claw.  Solid flame meets ice.  Our hero wins as he froze his nemesis in a blue cold ice block.  His fragile wings folding dangerously, he glided into the warm distant horizon.

Back at the warm cave, he gracefully folded his thin papery wings.  He exhaustedly takes off to Africa for an evening hunt.  He is so strong he flicks his multi-coloured hand and kills an elephant.  You could hear him crunch up the elephant with one gulp.

He is bigger than a tall building.

His pinky claw is as big as a human hand.

He is a life saving myth.


A dragon is a ferocious beast and a ferocious hunter.

The dragon has blood filled eyes with a black devious hole in the middle.

His wings are as scaly and as green as grass. 

His body is as red as blood and is scaly.

This dragons teeth hang like pointy daggers.  They are as white as snow.

His habitat is a fiery volcano with lots and lots of fire.

When he flies, his wings stretch out wide.  Then he flies fluently and quickly.

His claws are white.  The dragons claws are as sharp as a knife.

Dragons are scary beasts.

DRAGON By Jessica

A dragon is a villain with wings.

His tail is duck egg blue and it is ten meters long.  His nose is fire breathing and breathless.  He breathes fire whenever you go near him.

His eyes are orange.  They look like balls of fire.

His habitat is a cave.

His wings are huge like a very tall tower.  They are 19 meters long.  They can soar across the sky really fast.

His scales are slippery and slimy, they shimmer in the sunlight.

His teeth are as sharp as a chefs knife.  His claws are as sharp as a blade.

Dragons are really interesting creatures.

DRAGON By Cameron MH

A dragon is a wreaking reptile.

Its natural habitat is larva in an active volcano because it cannot survive in heat under 900,101,000,069 degrees Fahrenheit for over six hours.

Its rough scales are tougher than crystal.

It doesn’t breathe fire, instead it breathes burning acid that could melt a tank.

Its wings can slice through fully grown trees.

His eyes glisten in the pale moon light.

His teeth are blood stained and jagged.

Bones of every sort float like yachts on the orange surface.

Its scales are black and red and it has battle scars.

Dragons are awesome because they have so many special powers.


The dragon is a mysterious creature of the mountains.

The colossal dragons eye blinks as it spies a quivering knight.  His fiery eyes smolder with vengeance.

The dragons mountainous wings glide as it soars through the big blue sky.

His fiery nostrils puff thick lines of smoke.

The dragons teeth are as sharp as a sharpened sword.  His teeth are yellowed and rotten.

The dragons home is a dark and gloomy cave, far, far away from the sea.

The dragon is an interesting creature.


A dragon is an evil devious monster that stomps on bones and his echo sounds like a girl screaming.

His wings are red and orange.  He stretches them out and glides in the sky.

His claws are as sharp as knives.

His teeth are sharp and yellow.  When he crunches on a bone it breaks in half.

His eyes are red like flaming fire.  He blows fire when he is excited.

His feet and arms are smooth like his scales.

He has two sharp horns on his head.

His tail is long and swingy.

He lives in a beautiful castle.  Dragons are scary.  Some dragons are dangerous and some are not.


A dragon is a smart devilish beast.

This dragon has murderous blood filled eyes.

His wings are really sparkly like a star.

His body is dark and very shiny.

His teeth are pointing daggers.

His habitat is a fire breathing volcano.

This dragons movement is very fast.

Dragons are very interesting beasts.


A dragon is an evil predator.

He shoots fireballs from his eyes.  His eyes bling.  His eyes are as devilish as fire.

The dragons teeth are as sharp as daggers.  His teeth are dripping with blood.

His claws are as dangerous as chainsaws.  His claws are monsterish.

His tail is always on fire and so are his spikes.

He glides in his kingdom every day.


The dragon is a furiously scary beast. 

His eyes are blazing with fire.

His nose burns with ash when he breathes flames out his nose.

His breath is furiously devilish and fiery.

His scales are spiny.

His teeth are sharp as blades.

His horns are as sharp as daggers.

His body swishes in the air like an airplane.

He has spikes on his wings like prickles.

His legs are two meters tall.  His claws are two meters long.

His feet are blue as the sky.

His tail glimmers and sparkles red.


The mythical fire dragon slowly cracks open its eye and peers into a flame in the volcano. 

Its slimy scales slowly rub against the hot rock as he lands in the volcano and settles down on a rock. 

He breathes his sizzling fire on houses as he terrorizes villages.  He soars in the air as he goes to his next destination, where he will let out his flame. 

His mega claws scrape burnt houses that have been destroyed by the dragon.  He dodges his enemy, the water dragons, as they jump out of the water to put out his flame. 

The fire dragon is as hot as the sun, and as cold as it.

The dragons a beast that no one would want to meet.

DRAGON By Cameron H

A dragon is a mysterious beast.  His nostrils have steam in them.  His nostrils flare. 

The dragon has teeth like chefs knives.  His wings soar in the wind for two hours all the way to his cave.

His eyes shine like fire.  On his back he has sharp and pointy spikes.

His tail slithers and slides like water.

DRAGON By Fergus

The dragon is a flying mysterious monster.

His pointed horns curve like a sword.  He rips fiercely at trees.

His teeth run to their meat.  The meat will cripple under the jagged points of the dragons teeth.

The dragons tail swishes swiftly like a serpent.  It has sharp spikes.

The dragons eyes smolder with dangerous hatred.  His black slits are as dark as the night.

He spreads his fifty meter wide wings with their clawed tips.

He lives in a wet soggy jungle with ancient walls.  With snowy trees.  With freezing icicles.

It’s lucky that dragons are mythical monsters.  Dragons are awesome beasts.

DRAGON By Isabella

Dragons are an evil, devious, reptile, monster.

His teeth are quick at crushing bones.  His teeth are sharp.

He has wings that are eight meters long.  They crash buildings.  They are as fast as lightning.

He has nostrils that breathe burning fire.

He lives in a volcano that goes off every 100 years.

His tail bashes into walls.  Thunder crashes from his tail as it goes around like a tornado.


A dragon is a raging reptile.

He has teeth as sharp as a chefs knife.

His scales are green and slimy.

He’s a furious dragon.  He breathes gigantic flames.

He lives in a volcano.

He hates other dragons.


What are dragons?  Dragons are murderous, meat eating, mindless mad monster terrors.  And you wouldn’t like to meet one of these fearsome terrors and you can guess that can’t you?

Because they live at beaches and gobble up every animal or live things there are just like tiny chocolates. 

And his teeth are like daggers, and there are rows and rows of thos spear like teeth. 

The dragons always glide so high that you think that they are seagulls.  You don’t worry and then when the dragon sees that he is safe he goes farther out to sea and then sneaks up on everyone and RAAHHHHH! He pounces.  And the dragon loves this chaos and he has a lot of fun running after the desperate humans.  The waves gallop like they are dragons, trying to get the humans.

Their feet go crash, clash, stomp, stride, bash, bang, as he eagerly goes back to his cave leaving a track of bones.

He now grooms himself as dragons like to keep themselves clean.  Although, they’re never clean.

Their claws are sharp and pointy and as sharp as daggers.

Dragons are interesting to learn about.


This is a big description about a gigantic, bulky dragon named Sam.

Its blood shot eyes glare deceivingly out of his enormous mountain cave.  Its black as night pupils flicker wildly with fire.

Its slippery, slimy scales are patterned with red, blue and green.  Its scales shine with blinding flashes of burning sunlight whenever it’s scared, or being attacked.

Its wings flutter peacefully while it glides through the sunsetting sky.  Its wings have big sharp spikes on them to kill its lively prey.

Its tail drags around, annihilating anything in its path.  Its deathly tail is big and bulky, and it has spikes that can destroy a 1,000,000 feet tall giant. (That’s pretty big!)  Its tail weighs 10,000Kgs.

Its talons are drooling with blood.

The dragon licks his talons getting all the juicy bits off his butcher knife like talons, being careful not to cut his tongue off.

You definitely don’t want to mess with that big guy!


A dragon is a devilish monster.

Its eyes glimmer green in the darkness.  They are as misty as the sky.

His teeth are like spares biting on bones.  Its teeth are yellow like a banana peel.

Its legs are as skinny as a bone.  Its legs are as red as flames from a fire.

His tail is as big as a tree.  His tail is bright red.

His claws are as deadly and as sharp as a knife.

He lives in a volcano.

DRAGON By William

A dragon is a fearsome beast.  It will attack anything in its path.

The dragon lives in a dark, rank dungeon.  He moves very sneakily past other dragons.

His wings are four meters and his horns are as sharp as blades.  His scales are as soft as slime.  His eyes are red and blood shot.

His tail is eight meters long and it is very spiky and it is very horny all the way to the tip of the tail.

The dragon is a predator.


A dragon is a raging reptile.

His claws are as sharp as a dagger.

His cave is covered in human bones.  You can’t see the floor.

His eyes are blood filled, like a human bodies.

His body is as rough as a tortoises shell.

His tail wags as fast as a tornado going around in a circle.

A dragon is an animal you would never like to meet because of its terror.


A dragon is a terrorizing monster.

A dragons tail is a prickly, razor sharp tail.

A dragons horns are as sharp as butchers knives.  They are on his head.

The dragons wings flutter through the sky until he gets to his cave.

The dragons body is as colossal as asteroids.

When you go in his cave you will see human bones all around.


A dragon is a mysterious monster.

Dragons live in the high mountains and a cave is at the top.

The dragons deadly teeth shine in the sun.

His body has shiny, slimy, smooth scales.

His tail is as long as a house.