Thursday, 27 February 2014


I feel the waves gently tickling my toes. I have a shiver running down my spine as I fight my way through the trees across the island. It is deserted. I smell the damp rain forest. I race to the other side of the island and smell the most horrible smell of rotting fish. Suddenly the most beautiful fish shot up in front of my eyes. It was like a rainbow that made my day.  A few minutes later, the exact fish came back as a dazzling diamond, flying towards me. I see the sun reflecting on the water, it is like there are two skies. I taste the salt of the seawater in my mouth. The crunchy, golden sand is so soft, I feel like I am floating in mid air. The trees behind me rustle, like they are dancing in the night sky, in the company of the dazzling stars.  I hear the waves speak to me.


  1. Hi Amber. What a nice piece of writing. Your opening lines are very descriptive and your words are well chosen, making me want to read on. Well done. Mr Newton

  2. Hi Amber I like your piece of writing the way that you describe the island made me feel that I was on the island. I really want to read more.