Monday, 17 June 2013


I was dawdling down on the Esplanade, watching the fearsome waves battling at the side of the railings, and the foam splashed up as high as you can see.  Suddenly, an enormous wave crashed against the side of the beach!  The splash that the wave gave out was enormous.  It looked like it went through the atmosphere.  Then it came down.  Down, down, down, it fell onto the surface below.  It just missed me, but other people got soaked in water.  Then I heard a crack, and out of the corner of my eye a hole emerged and demolished most of the surface.  I trembled.  Then I fled back home.

By Aliya

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


During lunch break, my friend Reif and I were finishing our delicious lunch.  I just happened to look up and notice out of the corner of my eye, horrible, murderous, thick, tar black clouds were hurtling towards us.  In the time limit of 10 seconds, the clouds were hovering above us like helicopters.  Then it started to pelter down.  I was soaked.  I felt like a sponge that had been dunked in a deep bucket of water and left there.  

Quite suddenly, the bell rang.  We all streaked inside.  I noticed the carper felt a bit wet.  I thought that it was just mental.  My friend Lucas said, "Isn't the carpet wet?"  I said, "Yes!"  When the words touched my lips, an icy cold drop slapped down on my shoulder.  I looked up.  There was water streaming down walls like Niagra Falls.  Water was also gushing under the doors like rivers.  Then everything went jet black.  Little sparks of fire came raining down.

Mr Newton came rushing into Te Manawanui.  he said, "It isn't safe to stay at school, I am going to ring your parents." 

I felt relieved.

When the parents finally got there, alas I couldn't find mum.  She was weeping in a corner.

She took me home!

By Cameron MH