Thursday, 20 March 2014

SAVE THE AWA - By Cameron and Aliya

The Awa tribe are Earth’s most endangered tribe because there only 350 people left in their population. We have to save them from getting extinct, they are people just like us we shouldn’t destroy their home. When we destroy their home we destroy them. That’s just like them coming and destroying our home. If you don’t believe us take a look at this. That is what logging and farming is doing to their homes. Please help save the Awa their live depends on it. If you help and support the awa you could save their tribes live.

By Cameron and Aliya  

BEES - By Logan and Brooke

Bees are small insects.
Bees have to make a hive for them to live in.
Bees can make their hive in a branch, a box or a hollow tree.
Bees have to work together to make hives.
The queen bee leads the worker bees to the place where they make their hive.
Bees make hives out of cells.  The cells are made out of wax.  They are hexagons.  There are lots of cells in each hive.  They are called a honeycomb.
The queen bee is bigger than the other bees.  There is one queen bee in each hive.  The queen bee lays the eggs in the cells.  The worker bees keep the eggs safe.

Sunday, 16 March 2014


THE TITI - By Maia

My favourite place is the Titi.  I don't konw why it's my favourite.  The tui's call to me all day, that's my alarm.  When I get up in the morning the sea lions are below us on the beach, flapping and roaring.  At the Titi we find baby starfish.  Me and Brodie always put them on our ear's.  Brodie is my best friend.  I go to the Titi on the ferry/cat.  I go to Titi with my Nan-nan, Aunty Nadine and... Uncle Peanut.  At Titi we all go hunting for mutton birds on all of our track's.  Last year we caught one-hundred bird's.  I can't wait to go back this year.



Friday, 14 March 2014

LIGERS - By Logan

The liger is a cross between a male lion and a female tiger.  Ligers like swimming and so do tigers.  Ligers grow bigger than lions and tigers.  They live into their twenties, which is a long time.


“Yay,” I call down our street.  “Yay, our new sofa is here.”  I was very excited.

It was grey with lots of pillows and cushions.  Mum said, “No food, no drinks, and no shoes.  And that includes you Bentley.”  Bently just laughed.

I thought it would come on Tuesday, and it did.  The new sofa came in a truck.  There were two men.  One man was on the phone talking, so we got our dad, and he helped carry it in.  They had to get our old couch and put it in the truck.  Me and Hannah got to carry the pillows and the cushions in.  They were light.

Then they had to go back because they had forgotten the handles for the side of the sofa.  They were running really late because they had to go back and get them.

They gave us the sides, and then we sorted it out ourselves.

The new couch is finally here.  The new couch is more comfy than our old couch.


Ouch, I thought as I moved my arm for the first time after I hurt it.  I was doing a headstand at gymnastics.  I might have landed in a funny position, or maybe just done it wrong. 

It was last Thursday, so it doesn’t hurt anymore.  But since it probably pinched a nerve it took about 3 or 4 days for it to get better.

It hurt in my shoulder and a little bit in my neck.  So the next day I couldn’t really go to y swimming class.

It also hurt when I moved my arm, so I couldn’t run and I couldn’t really jump.  So I just lay around all weekend and didn’t do anything except for recorder class on Saturday.  That didn’t make my neck hurt which was good.

I never wish to pinch another nerve again.


Crash!  Crack!  Bump!  Oh, no!  I just smashed one of Mum’s Grandmas plates!  Mum’s coming.  Mum saw the plate.  We had to vacuum the plate up.  I got sent to my room.  I heard someone screaming.  I ran downstairs.  It was Bridie screaming because she got plate in her foot!  She could not walk at all.  Connor came down the steps, and I said, “Connor, do not go in the kitchen.”  He said, “Why?”  “Because I just smashed a plate.  Not on purpose, it was an accident.”  I hope I will never do that again.