Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Should Children Play Outside?

I think that all children should play outside if it's not raining.  These are the reasons...
It might get too hot if we stay inside.  You need air which makes your bodies work, and air makes oxygen which makes our bodies work.  
Next, we can eat, run and jump outside.  We can't do it inside though, and there's a playground outside but there isn't a playground inside.
Thirdly, we would be wasting a hot day.  Why?  Because we don't get that much hot days in Dunedin.  If we stay inside it's wasting a hot day, like I said before.
But take my advice.  Come on, you have to agree with me now.

By Maddie


We should use our KCM.  KCM is kindness, caring and manners.  It is good thinking.  People will feel safe.  We can care for people, it's easy.  If you use your KCM, you will get more friends.  People will feel safe so they will feel like coming to school.

By Ella

Should Children Play Outside?

I think that every child should play outside.  
Firstly, it is bigger and it has fresh air.  
Secondly, you can play more games like Shark Attack, Crocodile and Rugby, also armies.
Finally, you can get exercise and energy.
If you were inside the trees can not turn air back into air.
So come on already, agree with me!

By Alex

Should Children Play Outside

Firstly, I think children should play outside if it is sunny because if we did not, we would get no fresh air.  Also, we have a playground and we would not need it.
Secondly, we have friends from other classes don't we?  We can play in the playground with our friends too.
Finally, you stay fit.
What do you think?

By Symone

Should Children Play Outside?

I think that children should play outside when it is not raining because it is much bigger than inside and it has a massive playground and no playground inside.  You can run around and get exercise and get fit.  You can play cool games like rugby and shark attack.  Outside has oxygen.

By Jack M