Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Should Children Play Outside?

I think that every child should play outside.  
Firstly, it is bigger and it has fresh air.  
Secondly, you can play more games like Shark Attack, Crocodile and Rugby, also armies.
Finally, you can get exercise and energy.
If you were inside the trees can not turn air back into air.
So come on already, agree with me!

By Alex


  1. i like how alex put in that he said we should go outside because you can play army sharkatake and rugby

  2. I rellay a grey alex because your rit it is bigger and more fun outside than in so why don,t you go outside. from riley

  3. great job Alex you have good reasons for why we should use are KCM. I like your writing.

    by rishabh

  4. I like your examples. from samuel