Thursday, 15 March 2012


CRASH!  "What was that?"  I said.  I looked out the window and my eyes turned small.  "Ahhhhhh!" I screamed.  Dinosaurs were everywhere, eating people.  A velociraptor tried to break the window but it was no use.  My dad got his guns from the shed.  He gave me one and then he gave me my pocket knife.  Then my eyes turned smaller.  A triceratops charged at the house.  My sister screamed and so did Mum.  A minute later the U.S.A. arrived at New Zealand.  Lucky for me they arrived at Kircaldie Street.  Then some guy told me and Dad to join the war car.  The guy told told me to go and use the machine gun on it. I was relieved that he asked me because I have never used a machine gun before.  Off we went.  BANG! BANG!  That was the sound of the machine gun.  People had rocket launchers and air rifles and shot guns.  Then my skylanders arrived.   They were awesome.  The dinosaurs all died and we had a big celebration.

By Judd


  1. That's great Judd i like the part when you said crash and bang. cam,

  2. I loved your story it brought a smile to dad and my faces. Well done.
    Love mum.