Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Baby

The baby stares with her blue googly eyes.  A red shiny paint brush in her hand and her mouth leaks paint the colour of blood.  Her gold shiny hair sways in the winding wind.  The chubby baby splashes paint on her brand new white dress.  The white wall is covered in rainbow slippery paint.  When the mum and dad pick up their adorable baby they are horrified to see all the paint on the white wall.  The baby laughs and giggles all the way home.

By Symone

The baby's eyes glitter with excitement as she sticks the paintbrush in her mouth.  Her paint splattered hands wave sluggishly around.  Her ears flap becasue the howling wind is blowing in her coloured face.  Her small baby shaped body moves slowly around the big red splosh of liquidy paint.  Her legs dance awkwardly around the painted walls of the small house.  Suddenly out of nowhere her mum and dad walk slowly into the house.  The baby screams happily.

By Jodie-Anne

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