Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Should Children Play Outside?

I think that all children should play outside if it's not raining.  These are the reasons...
It might get too hot if we stay inside.  You need air which makes your bodies work, and air makes oxygen which makes our bodies work.  
Next, we can eat, run and jump outside.  We can't do it inside though, and there's a playground outside but there isn't a playground inside.
Thirdly, we would be wasting a hot day.  Why?  Because we don't get that much hot days in Dunedin.  If we stay inside it's wasting a hot day, like I said before.
But take my advice.  Come on, you have to agree with me now.

By Maddie

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  1. Great story Maddie. I like how you said but take my advice.Come on you have to agree with me now!
    - jodie-anne