Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Charlie is a dog with super-soft fur.  He is a staffy cross with a lab.  He's about five months old.

Charlies swift legs make him run as swift as a mustang.

Charlies black tail (with a tip of white on the end) wags furiously when he meets a new person or when he's excited.

Charlies sharp claws and teeth scratch and bite all day long.

Charlies favourite things to do on the couch, chew bones, scratch and chomp on people and putting holes in clothes.

Charlie has his own bed but refuses and sleeps with me.  When he sleeps he snores very loud.

Charlie likes all his toys but especially his squeaker.

He loves to annoy mum by stealing food and tripping her up.  All you can hear from Mum all day is... "Gees, you're a toad of a dog, Charlie!"

We adopted Charlie because no one gave him a home and he's been our best friend ever since.

Every morning when I get dropped off, he comes with us and sits on my lap and when I need him to get off he doesn't move a mussel.  And he looks at me with a look in his eye that tells me "Please don't leave me, Cameron."

When we go to Damians (friend) farm, all he does is... run round and eat sheep poo.

As you can see, Charlie is a mischiefy dog.

I love Charlie and he loves me!

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