Thursday, 19 September 2013


A dragon is a fierce beast.  They are appalling, no one really knows much about them!

His smoldery eyes are like an erupting volcano as he glares deviously at the meal he’s about to eat.

His giant wings flap furiously through the windy air.  They begin to get sweaty.

His murderous tail whips violently.  In his cave you can hardly see the ground.

His devilish teeth have blood smoothed all over them.  You can hear him roar like the wind in the background, as he devours his next meal.

His smooth sparkling scales shine brightly in his evil habitat.

His flaring nostrils breathe out smoke as they separate easily in the wind.

His colossal body damages the mighty jungle, loudly.

His terrifying claws swipe at his prey.  As deadly as a chainsaw.

The flexible dragon twists and turns through the sharp rocks without getting a bruise.

His massive legs squash a bunny in pain.

His killing horn stabs a humans body.  Leaving human bones behind in terror.

Lucky dragons are mythical creatures.

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