Thursday, 19 September 2013

DRAGON By Russell

The winged hero soared into the blue sky.  His intense glare froze the vile villains into stone.

“Flap, flap.”  A winged menace comes nostril to nostril to him.  Claw meets jagged claw.  Solid flame meets ice.  Our hero wins as he froze his nemesis in a blue cold ice block.  His fragile wings folding dangerously, he glided into the warm distant horizon.

Back at the warm cave, he gracefully folded his thin papery wings.  He exhaustedly takes off to Africa for an evening hunt.  He is so strong he flicks his multi-coloured hand and kills an elephant.  You could hear him crunch up the elephant with one gulp.

He is bigger than a tall building.

His pinky claw is as big as a human hand.

He is a life saving myth.

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