Thursday, 19 September 2013

DRAGON By Fergus

The dragon is a flying mysterious monster.

His pointed horns curve like a sword.  He rips fiercely at trees.

His teeth run to their meat.  The meat will cripple under the jagged points of the dragons teeth.

The dragons tail swishes swiftly like a serpent.  It has sharp spikes.

The dragons eyes smolder with dangerous hatred.  His black slits are as dark as the night.

He spreads his fifty meter wide wings with their clawed tips.

He lives in a wet soggy jungle with ancient walls.  With snowy trees.  With freezing icicles.

It’s lucky that dragons are mythical monsters.  Dragons are awesome beasts.


  1. great writing ferg, xo mum and dad

  2. Hi Fergus. What a powerful piece of writing. Your opening lines are very descriptive and your words are well chosen, making me want to read on. I really like... "the dragons tail swishes swiftly like a serpent". Well done. -Mr Newton