Thursday, 19 September 2013


This is a big description about a gigantic, bulky dragon named Sam.

Its blood shot eyes glare deceivingly out of his enormous mountain cave.  Its black as night pupils flicker wildly with fire.

Its slippery, slimy scales are patterned with red, blue and green.  Its scales shine with blinding flashes of burning sunlight whenever it’s scared, or being attacked.

Its wings flutter peacefully while it glides through the sunsetting sky.  Its wings have big sharp spikes on them to kill its lively prey.

Its tail drags around, annihilating anything in its path.  Its deathly tail is big and bulky, and it has spikes that can destroy a 1,000,000 feet tall giant. (That’s pretty big!)  Its tail weighs 10,000Kgs.

Its talons are drooling with blood.

The dragon licks his talons getting all the juicy bits off his butcher knife like talons, being careful not to cut his tongue off.

You definitely don’t want to mess with that big guy!

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