Thursday, 19 September 2013


What are dragons?  Dragons are murderous, meat eating, mindless mad monster terrors.  And you wouldn’t like to meet one of these fearsome terrors and you can guess that can’t you?

Because they live at beaches and gobble up every animal or live things there are just like tiny chocolates. 

And his teeth are like daggers, and there are rows and rows of thos spear like teeth. 

The dragons always glide so high that you think that they are seagulls.  You don’t worry and then when the dragon sees that he is safe he goes farther out to sea and then sneaks up on everyone and RAAHHHHH! He pounces.  And the dragon loves this chaos and he has a lot of fun running after the desperate humans.  The waves gallop like they are dragons, trying to get the humans.

Their feet go crash, clash, stomp, stride, bash, bang, as he eagerly goes back to his cave leaving a track of bones.

He now grooms himself as dragons like to keep themselves clean.  Although, they’re never clean.

Their claws are sharp and pointy and as sharp as daggers.

Dragons are interesting to learn about.

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  1. Although these dragons sound fearsome, I would like to observe one, if it were possible.