Wednesday, 25 September 2013

LION - By Mei

My favourite toy is called Lion.  I have had him since I was about two years old.  When I found the stuffed tiger I liked him alot and called him Lion. It used to be Mum's present from Dad but I didn’t know this at  the time but Mum said that it was alright to keep him.  

And then after that I slept with him every night.  And I am still doing that so that is why his head is flat in the place where I always sleep.

He has been in the washing machine a few times.   And the reason he was in the washing mashine is because I had head lice.  We could have put him away for two weeks but I wasn’t going to let that happen so we put him in the washing machine instead.

His eyes are emerald green with black in the middle and his tummy is white and his ears are black on the outer side and white on the inner.  He has no claws.  I don't know why.

I like him best because of his fluffy tail.  That's the only fluffy part in the tiger left.

Lion is special to me because I have had him for as long as I remember and because I am a single child, he is like a brother to me.

He is like part of the family and I have taken him on all the trips I have had except the ones that included going on a plane.

I imagine sometimes what fun it would be if Lion could talk.  He would be able to say all the everyday words like “hello” or “how are you today” And he would be magic and we would go to different worlds and there was a wishing land where you could wish for one thing like being able to fly or being able to just be lazy and stuff like that.

Lion is the best toy ever!

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