Thursday, 19 September 2013


Dragons are mythical creatures, and very mysterious as well.  These vicious man eating brutes have been know, and are known to be devilish and cruel.

Most dragons live in forests or caves.  The caves are usually full of all sorts of creepy crawlies like spiders.  As well as all these spiders there is a fast flowing stream flowing right through the centre of the cave.  This is very handy for dragons in the winter, because dragons can warm themselves by blowing fire into the stream.

Their wings stretch out for miles like, the wings of a bird.  Did you know that dragons wings are longer than ten cars parked in a line!!  The wings of a dragon are very fragile.

A dragons body can shine ruby red when the sun is shining in the right place at the right time.  Dragons are very protective about their bodies.  They love showing off.

Their legs.  Well, their legs are as long as a desk.  On those legs, if you look very closely, you would see tiny scales, and those scales are rough, slimy and gooey.  They are disgusting.

A dragons foot is as big as a square cushion.

His claws, horns, and teeth are as white as a sheet of paper and as sharp as a sword.

His nostrils are like shells with little hairs on the inside.  Big, black as tar, shell like nostrils.

The eyes look like red, hot pools of fire.  Dragons eyes are as big as saucers, and the pupils look like they have been split and spread across the eye.

WARNING:  Beware of the dragon!

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