Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Once upon a time there was a little boy called Sammy.  He was at home when he looked out the window and he saw it was raining very hard.  So little Sammy said to Mum, "I'm going to go to my friend who lives on a farm."  And off he went.  It was very muddy, so they played in the mud.  They screamed with giggles.  Sammy said, "Ew, this mud looks yuck, gooey, sticky, slimy and brown."  They sploshed and splashed in the mud.  Jem looked to the left and he saw a really big bull.  The bull looked back at them and started to charge at them.  They ran, but not very fast becasue they were in quick mud.  The bull got stuck, he was caked in mud.  Sammy and Jem ran and ran until finally they got home and told Jems Mum.

By Chloe


  1. Wow Chloe, what a great story! Must have been scary for Sammy and Jem to be chased by a Bull!

  2. I really like it.
    I really like how you described everything and I like the bit with the bull chasing Jem and Sammy.
    I also like the idea of the bull getting stuck in the mud.

  3. I like the story we want more!

    from oscar

  4. Amazing story ,I love your verbs.Were you wearing red? Ayla