Friday, 7 March 2014


"Argh, it's a wet lunch time" I murmured as I walked into class. I muttered to myself it's going to be a long, horrible day.

Children are darting everywhere. It's as busy as a hurricane. The dark grey sky covers the rooftops like an enormous blanket.

I can hear the click click clicking of the computers working. Pitter patter goes the rain on the rooftops. The wind howls. Children are gossiping and babbling, having the most wonderful time. The noise is deafening.
So my point is: I despise wet lunch times and playtimes!!!


  1. To Aliya,

    We like how you have used onomatopoeia with the words pitter pattter and click click clicking and lots of describing words in your writing because you can paint more of a picture in our heads as the reader. It also makes the story way more interesting and we know how you feel because we feel the same way during wet lunchtimes.

    From Room 9
    (Vardon School, Quadblogging buddies)

  2. Awesome story. I really like the way you described the sounds that you heard.

    From Room 8, Matarau School