Thursday, 13 March 2014


Oh no It's a wet lunch time and I am (still) eating and  I CAN NOT  eat in peace.  That is because there's lots of loud noises.  Like the technology, (Ipads and computers), turned up loud and the loud shouting, and of course the children jumping down the stairs.  

But there are some nice things too, like the nice smell of the rain, and the smell of the fresh air, but that's about all for the nice things.

There are lots of possibilities for the children outside like playing in the playground or just walking around.  And then I could have been eating in peace.

Instead I see the fighting and the playing and the building and the technology and of course the rain.

As the day wears on I hear more crying and crashing and shouting and at the end of the day, I sigh a big sigh of relief, it was a very tiring day and when, I get back home, it seems peaceful at last.

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