Friday, 14 March 2014


“Yay,” I call down our street.  “Yay, our new sofa is here.”  I was very excited.

It was grey with lots of pillows and cushions.  Mum said, “No food, no drinks, and no shoes.  And that includes you Bentley.”  Bently just laughed.

I thought it would come on Tuesday, and it did.  The new sofa came in a truck.  There were two men.  One man was on the phone talking, so we got our dad, and he helped carry it in.  They had to get our old couch and put it in the truck.  Me and Hannah got to carry the pillows and the cushions in.  They were light.

Then they had to go back because they had forgotten the handles for the side of the sofa.  They were running really late because they had to go back and get them.

They gave us the sides, and then we sorted it out ourselves.

The new couch is finally here.  The new couch is more comfy than our old couch.

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