Tuesday, 5 March 2013


My ferocious dragon that I am talking about is a shimmering, shining, scaled dragon that lives in the exquisite tree tops of the misty deep jungle, in an immense straw nest.

It is leafy green and tree stalk brown.  It has sunlight yellow eyes and red razor sharp claws and teeth and sparkling scales that shine in the sizzling sun.

My menacing mysterious dragon slyly peeps around the wooden village houses.  Then he crouches, then...
fiercly zooms up in the dark, stormy, cloudy sky.

He powerfully flies into the blue sky and zooms down into the village again.

On sunny days he sours back into his colossal nest.

By Cameron


  1. I really like that story

  2. Wow Cameron I love the use of descriptive words you used great writing!!!!

  3. Hi Cameron great story I can picture the dragon from the description you used