Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Most Amazing Sight

When I went to the dolphin show in Australia, I went to it three times because it was so amazing.  I am going to tell you about this amazing show.  

There was a person riding a dolphin, and a dolphin was swimming towards them and twirling its body around and around.  Three dolphins were jumping at the exact same time and doing two flips and landing in the water.

That is the end of the really amazing thing that I saw.

By Mei


  1. My favourite part was when you said "twirling its body around"

  2. Hi Mei
    Great to see you are a published author!! I liked how you painted a picture with your words telling me how the dolphin twirled its body around. I wonder what words you could use to describe how you were feeling as your watched them.
    Mrs Wood :)

  3. Hi Mei I saw the dolphin show in Australia too.I loved the dolphin show too. It was amazing. Aliya