Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Hello, would you like to know some stuff about a certain cat in my life?  Good, because I am going to tell you about one.

I have a four year old cat, her name is Black Betty.  She has black fur and the brightest, yellowish, greenish eyes.

Black Betty has quite a big family.  She has one brother and either 3, 4 or 5 sisters, but I forget.  Lastly, she has her mother Smoochy.

I think I know why she is sad most of the time.  Because all her sisters and her brother got taken away from her.  But not her mum.

Black Betty has lots of really awesome talents, like she can open some doors.  She can also jump six times her size.

My cat does a lot of quite weird stuff too.  She even licks her mothers butt and she never passes an opportunity for food.

By Caleb


  1. Wow caleb love the start, I like the bit about she licks her mums but great work.from sam DC