Monday, 11 March 2013


One day I found a dragon.  It wa small.  it was eating some goo.  He looked a wee bit cool, so I took him home.  He liked my house, so I kept him.

His eyes could change colour.  The colours are gold and green.  I kept giving him dragon seeds.  he grew so big that he was too big and couldn't fit in the house.  His name is Zombie.

When he is outside he catches dragonflies.  Dinosaurs are his enemy.  Zombie can do whatever he wants.  He is a Dunedin dragon.  He can talk like a human and sometimes he is a wee bit naughty.  He squashes plants.

Zombie really, really likes me.  He is nice to me.  He steals peoples wallets so I can be rich.  He kills people that are mean to him.

My dragon is always happy.  When he is hungry, he dresses up like a person and goes to shops and steals food.  When he is angry, he flies to a volcano and sits at the top.

He is 73 years old.  He is taller than the Sky Tower.  He is one of the fastest fliers.

He is one of the best dragons.

By Lucas


  1. I like how you said my dragon is always happy when he's hungry

  2. I love your story of the 100 word challenge - from Cameron H

  3. awesome work lucas I wish I could do that