Monday, 12 August 2013


Dear Diary,

Today I heard big bombs smashing against our trenches and the noise was appalling.

The next day I heard guns going off all around me.  I just couldn’t stand the noise of those guns.

I walked along one day hoping for a good day but sadly it wasn’t because as I was walking along and right before my eyes a bullet hit the ground.  I was amazed at what happened.

I was sad to see that my friend Levi was caked in mud and blood.  It was like a swamp.  I gave him one of my special poppies and placed it on his heart.  I gave him good luck on the heavens above us and hoped he could still remember me as a good friend.  When I looked up I thought I saw him playing with his dog who died a few years ago.  I won’t forget him.

The sad sad end.

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