Monday, 12 August 2013

DEAR DIARY - By Fergus

Dear Diary, 25th December, 1916

So, here I am huddled up on a sturdy branch in a vast tree for the second painful night in a row.  It is very hard to sleep because deafening gun shots are going off everywhere.  My body is knackered and I have an immensely sore head.  I am up in this tree because I am a sniper.  If anyone finds this note, they should know my name is George Crane, a private in the army.  It feels strange that after all my hard training, I am stuck up a tree thinking of delicious Christmas ham.  My mouth probably won’t open, it is freezing here.  We have seen lots of massive bears.  I got attacked by one, a very big one, it was terrifying.  Luckily I shot it.  There is one thing I like about being a sniper and that is you don’t have to live in a trench.  We eat two times a day, breakfast and tea.  I have to go, we are not allowed to write in our diary at night.

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