Sunday, 15 November 2015

One Man Band - by Kailey

One Man Band

Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Emily. She lived in the Courtyard. Emily saw a musician. She ran over and watched the man called Paul. Paul saw her coin and winked at her. She liked the music, and just then… Emily heard another noise. She ran over to the other direction. There was a tall man called Simon. She watched him. He was good at playing his violin.

Just then, the man looked at the other man. They had ferocious looks on their faces. They started fighting. Emily got scared and ran backwards. She bumped into a wall. She walked to the wishing well. The two musicians followed her. The musicians got scarier. She blocked her ears and her coin dropped inside the drain. She got sad. She looked at the musicians and got grumpy. Do they have the coin? NO! Paul pulled a violin off Simon. Emily played it but it was out of tune. She tried again and the tune was right. A bag full of coins just appeared out of nowhere. Emily picked them up. She grabbed two coins out of the bag. The musicians came closer and closer. She threw it into the wishing well. No more coins.


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