Sunday, 15 November 2015

ONE MAN BAND - By Alice and Lucy

One Man Band
Once upon a time there was a man who wanted to be a musician. He started up a one man band and decided he would start by playing in the village square.

A young girl walked down to the fountain in the village square with a coin in her hand. She was about to put the coin in the fountain when she heard some music.

The young girl walked over to the one man band, she looked shy at first but soon began to enjoy his music. The man finished playing and pushed a small container over to her for tips. She was about to put her coin in when another musician started to play.

She walked over to him she realized he was playing violin music. A small wooden toy popped out and held out the hat to take the small girls tip. She was about to put her shiny, gold coin in the wooden toy hat when the one band man started to play while rolling on a drum.

Crash, Bang! He crashed into the curtain and it fell down on him. The violinist just shook his head and started to play again. The one man band got up and started to play again.

The two musicians started to fight for the coin. The young girl looked scared. The music got louder and louder and louder, the music got so loud that she had to cover her ears. Oh no the girl dropped her coin and it rolled slowly down the path and into the drain.

The girl ran over to the drain and looked down it with a sad face. She looked back up at the musicians with a angry face and held out her hand to the musicians as though she was  saying, “ I want my money back.” The musicians checked their pockets but produced nothing.

The young girl then pointed to the violinists small violin. The violinist didn’t look very comfortable giving away one of his mini violins but the other musician simply ripped off a violin and handed it to the young girl. The young girl began to play but she had to tune it a few times. The two musicians covered their ears, but to their surprise she began to play a lovely tune.

Somebody then walked past and dropped a whole bag of shiny gold coins next to the young girl. The girl dropped the violin and picked up the bag of gold coins and walked towards the fountain. The musicians looked at her in awe as she pulled out two shiny gold coins. The musicians both wanted the coins, so she pretended to give them to him and when they came forward she threw the coins up into the top fountain. The musicians just stared at the fountain while the girl wished with all of her coins.  

The End  

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